Each classroom’s curriculum is based on meeting the developmental needs of the individual and group. Daily activities include opportunities for Math, Science, Language, Literacy, Art, Music, and Dramatic Play. Children in our 3-year-old class and above have a weekly introduction to Spanish. The garden provides a growing classroom for children to develop a sense of wonder and awe as a beginning foundation of caring for creation. Social and emotional development is encouraged through establishing a sense of community, self-concept, self-control, and relationships with others. Emerging language and literacy are emphasized throughout the school year. Our Pre-K program offers age-appropriate intellectual rigor leading to school success and lifelong learning. The small ratio in our TK/Kinder classes allows for more individual attention and personalized instruction.

2023-2024 school calendar

Faith Foundation


St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool provides a weekly chapel time. Children are introduced to simple prayers, songs and bible stories. Children develop a beginning understanding of Christian life and values through the modeling of behavior and relationships through Christ’s love for us.


At St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool, we understand the power of words. Our curriculum features interactive literacy sessions that encourage children to delve into the magical world of letters and sounds, fostering early reading and writing skills. Storytimes, songs, and word games engage students in storytelling and help them to start recognizing and creating narratives of their own.



Within every child is a budding scientist, and we’re here to nurture that natural curiosity. Our hands-on science activities introduce students to the wonders of the natural world, from the lifecycle of butterflies to the rain cycle, offering them a lifetime fascination with discovery and problem-solving.


We believe that math isn’t merely about numbers—it’s about patterns, systems, and understanding the world around us. Our fun-filled math activities, including interactive count-along sessions and shape-matching games, help children develop their mathematical knowledge and undeniably crucial analytical thinking skills.



Artistic expression is a key part of our curriculum at St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool. Art projects not only introduce children to colors, textures, and forms but also encourage creativity, build fine motor skills, and teach them that their imagination has no limits.

Exploratory Play

For children, play is the most effective and enjoyable way to learn. We provide plenty of opportunities for exploratory playtime, fostering children’s natural curiosity and love for learning. This type of play develops logical thinking abilities, promotes coordination, and helps them understand the world.

Exploratory Play
character development

Character Development

Beyond academics, we prioritize nurturing good character and moral values. Through modeling of behavior, simple prayers, songs, and bible stories, children gain a foundational understanding of Christian life. We endeavor to instill core values such as kindness, honesty, and respect, embodying Christ’s love in our relationships with each other.


7:00 AM – 8:30 AMStudents Arrival/Health Check/Small Group Activities
8:00 AMChild Initiated Play/Art
8:30 AMRestrooms/Outside Play
9:00 AMLine-Up to begin Instructional Program
10:00 AM Restrooms/Hand washing
10:15 AMSnack
10:30 AMOutside Play/Gross Motor Activities (2-3-year old’s)
11:00 AMRestroom/Hand washing
11:30-12:00 PMOutside Play/Gross Motor Activities (4-5-year old’s)
11:15 AMSmall Group Activities
12:00 PMHand washing/Lunch
12:30 PMHalf Day Students Depart/Extended Session Begins
1:00 PMRestrooms/Naptime
2:30 PMRestrooms/Hand washing
2:45 PMSnack
3:00 PMOutside Play
3:30 PMRestrooms/Hand washing
3:45 PMCircle Time
4:00 PMSmall Group Activities: Creative Art, Science, Music
4:45 PMFree-Play
5:30 PMClean-Up
6:00 PMDepart